• Peer education training for student

    On Saturday, April 24, 2021, Sokoine University of Agriculture through the Department of Hospital Services organized a one-day peer education training for student representatives from all study programs in order to increase the awareness, understanding, and how they can protect themselves and avoid the spread of HIV / AIDS and other non-communicable diseases

    Students were taught various topics on how to protect themselves from various diseases and infections by specialist doctors of all diseases and also listened to testimonies from people living with HIV in Morogoro region.

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  • WATCH: Sokoine University of Agriculture Hospital Documentary

    This documentary describes the various activities of Sokoine University of Agriculture Hospital. When you finish watching, you will be aware of the various services offered at our Hospital and many other things to educate you.

    You will also be able to hear the experts of the various units explain about their units and the various specialist services they offer and how to get them …

  • SUA Hospital receives four ventilator machines to help fight COVID – 19 pandemic

    In support of the government’s efforts to fight Corona Virus Disease (COVID 19) pandemic, the management of Alliance One Tobacco Company has donated four ventilator machines to Sokoine University of Agriculture hospital to increase its capacity, efficiency and effectiveness in providing quality services to their customers.

    Speaking during the handing over of the machines on 11th August, 2020 at SUA main campus, Alliance One Company’s director of human resources, Mr Blasius Lupenza said the aim of providing ventilator machines to SUA hospital was to help increase their capability in combating COVID 19, although God has already helped our nation to deal with the disease, human precautions must continue to be taken.

    “These machines will greatly help SUA community and other people who come to this hospital with various health problems because this equipment is very much needed to save the lives of people especially those affected by COVID 19 or any other respiratory failure diseases ” explained Mr Lupenza

    Throughout the outbreak of COVID 19, Sokoine University of Agriculture has done a great job in treating and saving the lives of patients and victims, so giving them this equipment will help to save the lives of many Tanzanians, added Mr. Lupenza

    SUA Hospital Secretary Mr. Banzi inspecting the machines before the official handover between SUA and Alliance One Tobacco Company, second from left is Dr. Omar Kasuwi, Dkt. Mosi , Mr. Blasius Lupenza from Alliance One Company and  Dr. Elimwidimi Swai who is the head of SUA Hospital (Mazimbu)
    Speaking after receiving the equipment, SUA hospital resident medical doctor, Dr. Omary Kasuwi thanked the management of Alliance One Company for their decision to provide those important medical tools to SUA hospital.

    Dr. Kasuwi said although there is currently a state of calm regarding COVID 19 in the country as stated by senior government officials but they have also been urging the community to take all necessary measures and precautions to protect themselves against the disease, so availability of these equipment at SUA hospital is one of the major step in taking precautions actions as instructed by government.

    “The process of acquiring the equipment started three months ago and has gone through various stages from negotiation to needs assessment and finally we are grateful and pleased to see the arrival of these essential equipment to our hospital which will enable us to provide services more effectively to those in need,” said Dr. Kasuwi.

    Since the outbreak of COVID 19, Sokoine University of Agriculture has done a great job in the fight against the challenge whereby SUA hospitals actively involved in healing and saving the lives of patients and SUA laboratory located at the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences was chosen as one of the laboratories used in the testing and examination of samples of suspected COVID 19 patients in the country.

    At the closing of the nane nane agricultural exhibitions in the eastern zone recently, the Minister of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, Hon. Ummy Mwalimu used the occasion to thank SUA for their support and significant contribution during the fight against COVID-19.

    A ventilator is an equipment which is designed to breathe for somebody who is unable to breathe effectively on their own. Ventilators do not cure COVID-19, but they help support lung function while a patient’s body is fighting the infection

  • SUA Hospital Commended for Providing Good Health Services

    Sokoine University of Agriculture Hospital has been commended for continuing to provide good health services to the residents of Morogoro region and beyond.

    Hon. Dr. Jasmine Tisekwa who is the Member of Parliament (special seats representing Universities) is the one who made such compliments after donating 20 hospital sheets, eight buckets for washing, soap, and other sanitary equipment to Sokoine University of Agriculture hospital located at the Main Campus on Monday 8th June 2020.

    “I understand that the services provided by this Hospital are very important to our entire Community in Morogoro and even outside of Morogoro who also come here for treatment, and I have seen various efforts made by doctors, nurses and other local staff so I have found that it is a good thing to come here and make my contribution and I take this opportunity to advise other Stakeholders to do the same in order to help our Hospital” Said Dr Tisekwa

    The Vice Chancellor of the Sokoine University of Agriculture, Professor Raphael Chibunda thanked Dr. Tisekwa for the support, noting that the equipment had arrived on time as the University was still taking various measures to fight Corona Virus Disease although the condition of the disease is currently not as bad as it used to be.

    “As the President of the United Republic of Tanzania urges us to continue to take precautionary measures against Corona Virus, these facilities will help us to better serve the community” said Prof. Chibunda

    On the other hand, Sokoine University of Agriculture Hospital resident Doctor, Dr. Omar Kasuwi also thanked Dr. Tisekwa for her support and also for recognizing the contribution that SUA hospital and health sector has made in this period of fighting against Corona Virus Pandemic.