The Department of Hospital Services (DHS) is one of the administrative departments under the Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration & Finance). The department is responsible for all matters concerning health at the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA).The DHS operates two health delivery units namely -SUA Health Centre (at the Main Campus) and Mazimbu Hospital (at the Solomon Mahlangu Campus) plus a health post at the Training Forest-Olmotonyi, which offers first aid to staff and their families.

The main objective of this charter is to provide a framework for defining the rights of the Client, and how complaints from the Clients will be handled. Further this Charter highlighted obligations of the Client for the purpose of smooth operation thus attain set down standard on service delivery.


To provides high quality health care by having in place an adequately furnished health delivery system in terms of infrastructure, equipment & human resource.

To be recognized as the provider of quality health care in Morogoro Municipality and beyond.

Core values
a) Excellent customer service
b) Respect for all cultures, gender and ethnicities
c) Open communication between providers and patients and between staff
d) Education and training for students and staff
e) Collaboration with stakeholders
f) Positive relationships with the National and local organizations
g) Fiscal responsibility and equitable use of resources
h) Continuous quality improvement
i) Integrative team approach to care
j) Love, sympathy and empathy to clients


  1. Access to Services
    You have the right to access wide range of service provided by the hospital as your condition requires and with the opinion of the Medical Practitioner.
  2. Right to Information
    You are entitled to be fully informed about your health, treatment options and outcome. You should be given enough time to ask questions, get more information and talk to family and friends before making any decisions.
  3. Right of Expression
    You have the right to appreciate, comment on, or complain (in accepted manner) about the health care you have received and to be given feedback.
  4. Right of Second of Opinion
    You have the right to seek second opinion from another qualified health professional from within the hospital or elsewhere
  5. Treatment With Respect, Dignity and Privacy
    The Hospital will provide care and treatment in surroundings that allow privacy. You should be treated in a manner that respects your individuality and humanity without segregation.
  6. Right of Standard Treatment
    You have the right to be treated as your medical condition requires according to the accepted standards and guidelines.
  7. Right of Companion
    You have the right to be accompanied by a family member, friend or other person of your choice during consultation.
  8. Services Provided in a Manner of Cultural and Spiritual Tolerance.
    You have the right to be treated in way that respects your culture and beliefs. Where possible hospital will make every effort to meet your needs
  9. Right to Refuse or Accept Treatment
    You have the right to be informed fully about the nature of treatment and possible alternatives / options in prior hence accept or refuse service
  10. Access to Your health Records and Confidentiality for Your Personal Information
    During your stay in hospital, after you have been discharged, or following any treatment, you may want to see your health records.
    Everyone involved in your treatment and care has professional and legal duty to keep information about you confidential. Information about you is only passed to another person, not involved in your care, if authorized by you or by law (Judicial order).


  1.  Responsibility to Provide Relevant Information
    Work with your treating team by providing relevant information about your health and circumstances that may influence your treatment, recovery or stay in hospital
  2. Responsibility to Respect Service Providers
    You are obliged to interact and behave in a manner that your attitude should not annoy or offend health providers at all levels
  3. Responsibility to Maintain Facilities and Equipment
    You should use hospital facilities and equipment carefully to avoid unnecessary inconvenience
  4. Responsibility to Maintain Cleanliness of Environment and Premises
    You are required to keep cleanliness of hospital premises and facilities to maintain tidiness and avoid spread of diseases.
  5. Responsibility to Respect Other Patients
    You should interact with other patients and relatives with dignity, patience, tolerance and consideration regardless of their actions or status.
  6. Responsibility to Adhere to Hospital Rules and Directives
    Patients and relatives should observe hospital rules and regulations to allow smooth provision of service
  7. Responsibility to Maintain Peace and Harmony Within Hospital Environment
    Maintenance of peace and harmony is the responsibility of everyone within hospital environment, to that effect; any misconduct must be reported to the hospital authority. Further, patients and relatives are not allowed to keep weapons or items that may harm others.