• Pharmacy

    The pharmacy strives to provide excellent service, drug utilization management, and drug information through its team of highly trained and dedicated staff. An electronic system is fully integrated with the Hospital Management Information System (HMIS), which allows physicians to send structured electronic requests to the pharmacy for in-patients and out-patients.
  • Inpatient Services

    The Hospital offers high quality inpatient service. Our clients are under care of consultants, specialists, general practitioners and highly motivated nursing staff. It is comprised of general wards with 50 beds capacity and private wards and ICU.
  • Radiology Services

    The Hospital offers a wide range of radiology examinations using Digital X-ray, and Doppler ultrasound. The radiology unit is staffed by a specialist radiologist and a radiographer.
  • Diagnostic Services

    The Hospital has invested heavily in a modern and extensive range of high-quality equipment to meet specialized needs.
  • Infant and Child Care

    The Pediatric Unit consists of 4 beds. Children in need care are managed by the Pediatrician.
  • Women’s Health Services

    The Hospital's maternity unit features a ward of 7 beds with one delivery room staffed by specially trained Nurses, Midwives and Obstetrician.
  • Specialist Clinics

    In addition to General Clinics the following outpatient specialist clinics are available: - Heart Clinic - Diabates Clinic - Kidney Clinic - Skin Clinic - Obstetric & Gynacology Clinic
  • Specialist Services

    The Hospital delivers Core Hospital Services in (click to get a list):
  • Family Planning Clinic

    The Clinic offers a specialist advice, with nursing staff, free provision of core family planning products in conjunction with the Tanzanian Ministry of Health protocols.
  • HIV&AIDS Care and Treatment Clinic

    The Sokoine University Hospital offers care and treatment to clients living with HIV and AIDS attending from various localities. Our clinic is among the high volume site in the Morogoro Municipality, has highly trained staff in provision of service; Consultations, ART and Counseling.
  • Health Assessment Services

    The Hospital offers health assessment services to organizations. Employees are provided with health education information through general and specialized clinics and undergo a medical check-up, ensuring medical conditions are detected early.
  • Dental Clinic

    This clinic, staffed and managed by a dentist and dental therapist, offers comprehensive services including:
  • Emergency Service

    The Hospital is equipped to respond to a whole range of emergencies including, stabilizing heart problems, obstetric emergencies and addressing infectious diseases.
  • Outpatient Services

    The Sokoine Universtiy Hospital offers general outpatient services, Its commited in providing evidence based consultations by general practisioners, modern laboratory investigations and radiology services.