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Facts at a Glance

Qualified Healthcare Professionals
Medical staff at the Sokoine University of Agriculture Hospital, have qualifications from top educational institutions in Tanzania and the world including Russia, India, and Kenya. The hospital consultants and specialists and general doctors offer a broad range of specialized expertise including; Cardiology, internal medicine, obstetric and gynaecology, Radiology, Pediatrics, dermatology, medical psychology, and dental.

Qualified nursing staff work with the consultants, many of which have undergone training in several specialist areas including psychiatry, counseling, and intensive care.

International Standards and Working Practices
The Hospital is internationally recognized in its delivery of quality medical care. It maintains these standards rigorously by:

  • Conducting medical education sessions for junior and senior doctors, and nurses, clinical audits, quality improvement, mortality, and morbidity reviews.
  • Maintaining infection control protocols and guidelines in line with international standards.
  • Seeking national (NEQAS – National External Quality Assurance Service) for laboratory.
  • Ensuring ethical staff work practices.
  • Regular audits of its clinical standards by national staff.

Affordable Services
The Hospital strives to make its services accessible to as many people as possible by offering high-quality medical care at affordable prices.

Cardiac Diagnostics
The Cardiac Diagnostic Unit’s medical equipment and diagnostic facilities are the most developed in Tanzania, offering the latest services in radiology, cardiac diagnostics and pathology including:

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG), Cardiac Echo and  Exercise Stress tests;

Radiology Services
The Hospital offers a wide range of radiology examinations using Digital X-ray, Doppler ultrasound.


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